Facets of Reality

Facets of Reality is a book series that I started back in 2003… and waited until 2014 before publishing the first novel, Gemworld.

Yeah, I know. Eleven frikkin years. Sue me.

It really is a story that’s dear to my heart, and one that I am planning to continue, once I’m over the hump of open heart surgery. I’ve got the second book, Fractures, about half way done, and have a clear picture of where I want the rest of the series to go.

If you’re one of my super-ultra elite peeps who know the secret handshake, you can follow this link to my Facets of Reality blog, where you’ll find a table of contents listing a number of short stories that I have written in Te’ra, the world of the Facets of Reality series. All of these stories are password protected, as I do plan one day to release them in an anthology.

But if the unimaginable happens, and I’m not able to complete the series — because of the heart surgery or something else catastrophic — I’ll have a blog post there detailing what would’ve happened to Sal and Company, had I been around to finish the story.

And don’t mind the doom and gloom. I’m not planning on going anywhere! I just know that God’s plans are often not ours, so I felt it duly diligent and considerate of my handful of fans to consider that possibility. Much love, yall šŸ™‚


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