About Uncliche

Uncliché is a blog I’ve wanted to start for some time. As a husband and the father of three, I’m keenly aware of the direction this world is taking, due in no small part to common misconceptions about even the most basic of principles. More and more, I find people who are content to believe something—politically, religiously, or what have you—without taking the time to fully grasp WHY they believe that way. Rather than doing their due diligence to VET their beliefs, these people build their belief systems on a multitude of buzz words and catch phrases, establishing no real depth.

That’s what Uncliché is about. Through this blog, I will address the fundamentals of politics and religion—specifically, American politics and the Christian faith—in an attempt to make relevant aspects of American life that have become… well… cliché! Bear in mind, I make no claim that my point of view is the “right” point of view. I can only claim that it is mine, and that I hope it resonates with you.

See, here’s the deal. I’m fat, I’ve got a heart condition I’ve been living with all my life, and at this very moment I’ve got the beginnings of a headache—who knows when “my time” will be? I’ve seen people in the same condition live to be 100, and I’ve seen people in the prime of health walk outside and get smooshed by a semi. God will call me home when He’s dang good and ready, but when He DOES, I want to make sure that I’M ready too, and that I’ve left my kids some dim reflection of how “deep” their Ol’ Man was.

I don’t expect to change the world with this blog, but neither did Samuel Holton, a cobbler in 19th century Boston, who agreed to apprentice his rebellious upstart of a nephew, Dwight, on the condition that Dwight would get involved with the local church. That single-minded insistence, done for the sake of his nephew alone—with NO THOUGHT to “changing the world”—is what put that boy on a path to an international ministry that survives even today.

The boy’s name was Dwight Lyman Moody, and the world would be a very different place today if Samuel Holton hadn’t poured his effort into shaping just one mind, just one heart. I got THREE minds I’m trying to capture, THREE hearts I’m trying to build a fire within. I don’t aim to change the world, but who knows what’s possible?

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