Jesus… the Socialist?

As the presidential field heats up, the nuts come out of the woodwork. Socialist Bernie Sanders has his fair share of them, of course, as is evident by the recent showing of over three hundred people that greeted him in Alabama this past Sunday.

Socialists. In a very conservative, libertarian state. Just goes to show how tolerant we intolerant rednecks are 😉

One hopeful in particular who identifies as a Christian (no, I will NOT name him and thereby be accused of slander, as America has gone pure lawsuit-happy of late) mentioned his belief that Sanders’ socialist leanings resonated with his Christian beliefs. He even went so far as to say that he thought Jesus was a socialist.

Oh dear God people…

Don’t. Just don’t.

Every time Jesus commanded compassion of His followers, He said “YOU do this” — not “you make others do this too”. More, when He gave the command, He gave them the option to NOT do it (though to disobey would be a direct rejection of His commandment, of course). Not never, NEVER ONCE, did He suggest we reach into somebody else’s wallet to fund even the most righteous endeavor (hint: that’s called “theft”).

In socialism, there is NO OPTION to not participate or to disagree — your participation is mandated. The only way you get out of participating is to LEAVE the socialistic society (which gets harder and harder to do as socialism spreads) or to die.

True Biblical charity, as espoused by Christ, is a voluntary endeavor. Socialism and its tax-funded entitlements is, by nature, involuntary. Two entirely different worldviews — one of love, the other of obligation. One fosters love in return and stewardship over what was given in love, the other only fosters entitlement in the beneficiary and resentment in the mandated provider. Jesus couldn’t have been further from socialist if He tried.

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