All Money Ain’t Good Money

When I was learning how to play dominoes, I was so eager to get points on the board that I didn’t play strategy. I was HAPPY to get five points here, ten points there… and I would lose practically every hand. I noticed my friend, holding dominoes that COULD’VE earned him points, but he’d play them later, earning three and four TIMES as many points — sometimes even locking the board for an easy win. When I asked him about it, he always said the same thing — “All money ain’t good money.”

In life, it’s our nature to look toward the first “good” that we come across — good situations, good rewards, good accomplishments — and we end up disappointed when we fail to achieve that “good”. But hindsight is 20/20, though, and if we HAD achieved that “good”, it might bar us from something GREAT.

Count EVERY situation as a blessing, even those situations that fail to realize the way we expect.

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