If you’re reading this…

People blog for all sorts of reasons. They blog to hear (read) themselves talk. They blog to share their opinions, and to have opinions shared back to them. They blog to grow themselves or to ATTEMPT to grow others.

Whatever the reason for the blog, the result is universal. It creates a snapshot of that person’s life, taken at the moment of its creation. It reveals the person’s mind, their thought processes and passions. Which brings me to the reason that Jeremy Bullard blogs. Now, I’ll admit, that my blogging encompasses all of the above, but beyond that, I blog because in this age of electronic correspondence — with me playing the absentee father, always at work when all the important stuff is going on at home — this is one way for me to leave a legacy for my kids.

As they get older, they’ll get to know Jeremy 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and all later revisions. And as with all revisions, the older version is made obsolete. I’m not sure I like that idea. See, I see life as a continuous flow from Point A to Point B. I’m not simply the Jeremy of this moment, 1029am on 3/2/2014. Rather, I am the compilation of ALL PREVIOUS MODELS. I am the product of EVERYTHING that has happened in my life — every thought, every action, every response both good and bad. I can’t honestly look back on my life and see ANYTHING as “obsolete”, because each win and loss, each inspired decision and profound mistake, they’ve all come together to create the Jeremy of this moment — now version 1032am.

And I like what those myriad moments have created. How can I then say that any of those moments are obsolete?

This is why I blog. My kids will grow up, continuously getting to know the latest revision of Jeremy Bullard, and continuously revising in their own minds who I am, blending those previous versions into the current model. I don’t like this, because there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that they don’t realize, a lot that goes on in my head that they might never know, a lot that goes INTO creating the current revision that, if they don’t understand the parts, they might understand the whole just a little bit less.

And so I blog. I give my views on God, on country, on family. I write the occasional sci-fi fantasy story (whether I publish or not makes no difference, so long as my imagination is “out there” for other people to enjoy). And I do this all so that my kids can know ME — not just the “me” that they currently have, but all the previous “me’s” that went into making that man that I will one day be.

So kids, if you’re reading this, know that even though I write these things to other people, and across a wide range of subjects, this is all for you. I don’t have much — and probably never will — to leave you guys as a legacy in whatever future we create together, but what I DO have to leave you is ME, in these lines of text. And maybe, just maybe, in being able to go back and see how each day of MY past served to create the most current ME that you know, you’ll be able to look back on your OWN days, your OWN good and bad, and find a way to cherish them all, knowing that those days of your past, like mine, all fit together to create the beautiful, amazing, remarkable person that you are at this moment.

…now Version 1049am where I’m at. What revision are you on as you’re reading this?

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